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Why us ?


Fund selection:

Selecting right fund can be most challenging part of your entire investment process as it requires lots of time and expertise


Portfolio Rebalancing:

We suggest yearly portfolio re-balancing to our investors to restore original asset allocation and all this is done with the help of few clicks.


Simplified customer support

Our expert and dedicated customer care executives are available to solve all your investment related queries across all mutual fund schemes.


Portfolio Review

We review your portfolio regularly and suggest changes if required

Who We Are? is a technology based mutual fund investing platform. Here you can invest in any mutual fund scheme with a single login. You can track your entire portfolio with same login. You can also track and transact for your family members with same login account. is a trademark of Future Wealth Advisors Private Limited. We are an AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) registered mutual fund distributor. Our AMFI registration no. is ARN-114930.

Promoter Mr. Raj Kumar Pandey has an experience of almost 15 years as a financial advisor in mutual fund industry. With his expertise and experience we are able to hand-pick schemes poised to become future winners.

What We Offer?

Goal Based Approach: At Fundscart we believe-in and promote goal based investing. Investors should invest for various life goals like provision for children marriage, child education, and retirement etc. Investing without goal is like racing without a finish line, it leads you nowhere.

SIP: We recommend sip as an important tool for long term wealth creation as it takes away the emotional discretions e.g. greed and fear (buying high and selling low) from investors control as they are the biggest enemies of an investor. Investors are benefitted by rupee cost averaging (buying more units when markets are low) when they invest through sip mode.

Performance: We have a long track record of wealth creation for our investors. More than 2000 investors are putting faith on Fundscart for their mutual fund needs.

We review your portfolio periodically and recommend changes to keep your portfolio on track and help achieve your financial goals in time bound manner.

Portfolio Re-balancing: We recommend investors not to put all their eggs in one basket. A healthy mix of debt and equity in your portfolio very important for long term wealth creation. Since one asset outperforms the other in a given period of time thereby disrupting original asset allocation. We help our clients in restoring there original asset allocation by selling asset class which has outperformed and buying underperforming asset class.